not with a bang but a whimper


This is such a great scene for me because when you think about how Harvey Milk was a real person and that he actually left a similar recording with this message it becomes 10x more powerful than if he had just been some character in a movie. Also I love the fact that the movie ended with this rather than him being assassinated because it just shows that Harvey is remembered for what he believed in rather than his assassination. The scene also shows that what he wished for in his recording is becoming true even before people had a chance to hear the recording of his last wishes.

here are some more of those goddamn franco pictures

james franco is the fucking weirdest person ever part 1

  • concerned
  • birthday shoot with the cat and a match
  • cat
  • sequin hat
  • "kiss xoxo"
  • laying down burger and salad
  • there is something in his mouth what
  • lol look how buff i am
  • anorexic and slight boob bump